Efficiency of CRISPR-based editing with the pCP/CT-tRNA systems in C. parapsilosis, C. metapsilosis, and C. tropicalis

StrainTarget gene% edited transformantsa
Expt 1Expt 2Expt 1Expt 2
C. parapsilosis
    CLIB214CpADE2No coloniesNo colonies7580
    CLIB214CPAR2_101060No coloniesND100ND
C. metapsilosis
C. tropicalis
    DSM4959 (ct44)CtADE2100946350
    CAS08-0047 (ct45)CtADE292100100100
    CAS08-0093 (ct46)CtADE297948571
    CAS08-0098 (ct47)CtADE292917788
    CAS08-0102 (ct48)CtADE288959591
  • a Data represent mutation efficiencies determined in one or two experiments. The mutation efficiency of ADE2 was calculated based on color and inability to grow in the absence of adenine. In the case of CPAR2_101060, the mutation efficiency was calculated based on PCR screening. RT, repair template; ND, not determined.