TGEV and PRCV strains used, inoculum doses, and routes of inoculation

Inoculation groupStrainGenBank accession no.Virus propagationInocula (per pig)
Cell lineVirus passage no.Virus titer (TCID50/ml)aVirus culture vol (ml)Total vol (ml)bInoculation route
TGEV MillerATCC VR-1740DQ811785Swine testicle (ATCC CRL-1746)164.0 × 1063540Orogastric
TGEV PurdueATCC VR-763DQ811789Swine testicle (ATCC CRL-1746)122.4 × 1083035Orogastric
PRCVATCC VR-2384DQ811787Swine testicle (ATCC CRL-1746)184.0 × 1051520Nasal (10 ml per nostril)
Sham (culture medium)20Oronasal
  • a TCID50, 50% tissue culture infectious dose.

  • b TGEV strains were mixed with milk replacer (Esbilac; PetAg, Inc., Hampshire, IL) or culture medium (PRCV).