Bacterial strains that harbor full-length MITEAba12 elements

Strain or plasmidNo. of MITEAba12
elements per strain
Isolation source/originAccession no. and
reference or source
 A. baumannii DS00222Soil, IndiaCP027704.1, unpublished
 A. indicus SGAir056410Air, SingaporeCP024620.1 (75)
 A. johnsonii XBB1a7Hospital sewage, USACP010350.1 (76)
 A. junii 655Limnetic water, RussiaCP019041 (77)
 Acinetobacter sp. strain SWBY1a5Hospital sewage, ChinaCP026616.1, unpublished
 A. baumannii B83004Human bloodstream,
southern India
LFYY00000000.1 (78)
 Acinetobacter sp. strain ACNIH13Hospital plumbing, USACP026420.1 (79)
 A. baumannii ABNIH283Hospital plumbing, USACP026125 (79)
 Acinetobacter sp. strain TGL-Y22Frozen soil, ChinaCP015110.1, unpublished
 A. baumannii B83422Human bloodstream,
southern India
LFYZ00000000.1, (80)
 M. osloensis CCUG 3501Human cerebrospinal fluid, USACP014234.1, unpublished
 A. haemolyticus TJS011Human respiratory tract, ChinaCP018871.1, unpublished
 Acinetobacter sp. strain NCu2D-21Murine trachea, GermanyCP015594 (81)
 Acinetobacter sp. strain ACNIH2a1Hospital plumbing, USACP026412.1 (79)
 A. baumannii ATCC 179781Human meninges, FranceCP012004.1 (5)
 A. junii WCHAJ591Hospital sewage, ChinaCP028800.1, unpublished
 A. baumannii AR_00831UnknownCP027528.1, unpublished
 Acinetobacter sp. strain WCHA45a1Sewage, ChinaCP028561.1, unpublished
 A. baumannii MADb1Human skin, FranceAY665723.1 (82)
 A. schindleri SGAir0122, pSGAir01222Air, SingaporeCP025619.1 (83)
 A. baumannii A297 (RUH875), pA297-31Human urinary tract, NetherlandsKU744946 (46)
 A. johnsonnii XBB1, pXBB1-91Hospital sewage, USACP010351.1 (76)
 A. lwoffii ED45-23, pALWED2.11Permafrost, RussiaKX426229 (53)
 A. baumannii AbPK1, pAbPK1a1Ovine respiratory tract, PakistanCP024577 (84)
 Acinetobacter sp. strain DUT-2, unnamed 11Marine sediment, ChinaCP014652, unpublished
 Acinetobacter sp. strain BW3, pKLH2071Stream water, USAAJ486856 (85)
 A. towneri strain G165, pNDM-GJ011Human stool, ChinaKT965092 (86)
 A. baumannii D46, pD46-41Human urine, AustraliaMF399199 (52)
 Acinetobacter sp. strain ACNIH2, pACl-35691Hospital plumbing, USACP026416.1 (79)
 Acinetobacter sp. strain WCHA45, pNDM1_1000451Hospital sewage, ChinaCP028560.1, unpublished
 A. baumannii CHI-32, pNDM-321Human bloodstream, IndiaLN833432.1, unpublished
 A. defluvii WCHA30, pOXA58_0100301Hospital sewage, ChinaCP029396.1, unpublished
 A. pittii WCHAP005069, pOXA58_0050691Clinical isolate, ChinaCP026086.1, unpublished
 A. pittii WCHAP100004, pOXA58_1000041Clinical isolate, ChinaCP027249.1, unpublished
 A. pittii WCHAP005046, pOXA58_0050461Clinical isolate, ChinaCP028573.1, unpublished
 Acinetobacter sp. strain SWBY1, pSWBY11Hospital sewage, ChinaCP026617.1, unpublished
  • a Strains where MITEAba12 is present on both chromosomal and plasmid DNA.

  • b In A. baumannii MAD, MITEAba12 was found on a 7.8-kb stretch of sequenced DNA rather than a full-length chromosome (82).