Assembly statistics and genome properties for the three metagenome-assembled genomes (MAGs) in this study

Assembly statistic or genome propertyRamlibacter sp. MAGBacteroidetes sp. MAG1Bacteroidetes sp. MAG2
Total length (Mbp)3.953.433.72
No. of contigs10926140
N50 (bp)54,423253,52245,757
Estimated % completeness (% redundancy)100 (1.4)100 (0.0)100 (1.4)
GC content (%)70.645.334.5
Coding density (%)92.491.991.7
Mean coverage range across samples8.61–33.40.24–23.51.77–6.69
No. of genes3,8473,1593,361
% KO annotated genes53.839.240.6
% COG annotated genes73.656.357
% Pfam annotated genes85.978.577.3
No. of putative HGT genes1455872
No. of paralog genes926433499
No. of σ-factor homologs162520
Predicted growth ratea (h−1)0.19 ± 0.020.18 ± 0.020.16 ± 0.02
Predicted OGTa (°C)291618
IMG taxon id272467969027246796982724679691
  • a Growth rate and optimal growth temperature (OGT) predicted using Growthpred (v1.07).