Effects of pilocarpine hydrochloride and acetylcholine on hemocyte cellularity and subtype characteristics in vitro and in vivo

and treatmenta
CellularityHemocyte subsetbNoduleC. albicansc
In vitro
In vivo
  • a Galleria mellonella larvae were inoculated with PBS (control [CTR]), C. albicans SC5314, acetylcholine (ACh), pilocarpine hydrochloride (PHCl), C. albicans plus ACh (SC3514/ACh), and C. albicans plus PHCl (SC5314/PHCl).

  • b Pr, prohemocytes; Gr, granulocytes; Pl, plasmatocytes; Co, coagulocytes; Sp, spherulocytes; Ad, adipocytes; Oe, oenocytes. Immune cell subtype quantification was scored as follows: −, absent/rare; +, 1 to 10%; ++, 11 to 30%; +++, 31 to 50%.

  • c C. albicans presence was quantified as follows: −, absent; +, few cells; ++, multiple yeast agglomerate usually embedded in nodules; +++, abundant yeasts and/or hyphae with widespread diffusion in nodules.