Enriched Gene Ontology terms in the smooth-33 mutanta

GO termFDR
Upregulated in the smooth-33 mutant
    DNA repair1.2E−05
    Regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter5.7E−04
    DNA recombination5.8E−03
    DNA replication initiation1.7E−02
    Cell cycle process3.3E−02
    Mismatched DNA binding3.3E−02
    Nucleosome assembly4.2E−02
Downregulated in the smooth-33 mutant
    Small-GTPase-mediated signal transduction1.8E−03
    Steroid biosynthetic process4.0E−03
    GTP catabolic process4.9E−03
    Nucleocytoplasmic transport2.7E−02
    Cellular lipid metabolic process3.5E−02
    Oxygen transport3.6E−02
    Membrane raft organization3.6E−02
    Chitin metabolic process4.2E−02
    Response to toxic substance4.2E−02
    Regulation of molecular function4.5E−02
    Fungal-type cell wall organization4.5E−02
    Microtubule-based movement4.9E−02
  • a Analysis of the top 1,000 up- and downregulated genes identified biological process Gene Ontology (GO) terms specifically overrepresented in the smooth-33 mutant (false-discovery rate [FDR] of <0.01).