Bacterial and fungal isolates cultured from central venous access devices or human blood samples

Organism typeNo. of isolates% of total
Ontario (CVADs)a
    Gram-positive bacteria12071.4
        Staphylococcus epidermidis6639.3
        Staphylococcus aureus11b6.5
        Other Staphylococcus spp.c2011.9
        Bacillus spp.d95.4
        Corynebacterium spp.e53.0
        Enterococcus faecalis21.2
        Other Gram-positive speciesf74.2
    Gram-negative bacteria3420.2
        Ralstonia insidiosa63.6
        Stenotrophomonas maltophilia53.0
        Enterobacter agglomerans42.4
        Proteus mirabilis31.8
        Escherichia coli21.2
        Other Gram-negative spp.g148.3
        Candida albicans106.0
        Candida glabrata42.4
    Ontario total168
Saskatchewan (blood samples)h
    Gram-positive bacteria15NAj
        Staphylococcus epidermidis12
    Gram-negative bacteria12NA
        Pseudomonas aeruginosa3
        Klebsiella pneumoniae3
        Serratia marcescens3
        Escherichia coli3
        Candida albicans12
        Candida glabrata3
    Saskatchewan total42
  • a Isolates from Ontario were cultured from 305 catheter tips removed from patients at Southlake Regional Health Centre.

  • b One S. aureus isolate was classified as methicillin resistant (MRSA).

  • c Additional Staphylococcus species included S. lugdunensis (7 isolates), S. hominis (6 isolates), S. simulans (2 isolates), S. capitis (2 isolates), and undetermined (3 isolates).

  • d Bacillus species included B. licheniformis (2 isolates), B. megaterium (2 isolates), B. simplex (1 isolate), B. cereus group (1 isolate), and undetermined (3 isolates).

  • e Corynebacterium species included C. tuberculostearicum (2 isolates) and undetermined, not C. jeikeium (3 isolates).

  • f Additional Gram-positive species included Streptococcus mitis (1 isolate), Nocardia spp. (1 isolate), Paenibacillus spp. (1 isolate), and undetermined (4 isolates).

  • g Additional Gram-negative species included Comamonas testosteroni (3 isolates), Sphingomonas paucimobilis (3 isolates), Brevundimonas spp. (2 isolates), Pseudomonas orizyhabitans (2 isolates), Ralstonia pickettii (1 isolate), Roseomonas gilardii (1 isolate), Rothia spp. (1 isolate), and undetermined (1 isolate).

  • h Isolates from Saskatchewan were cultured from patient blood samples from Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon.

  • i VRE, vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecalis.

  • j NA, not applicable.