Mumps and measles IgG end titer avidity index values

Group and exposureGroupTime after exposurenaMean %95% CI (%)bRange (%)
Mumps vaccineA1 moc5775–100–40
2 yrc,d515450–5825–88
0.5–5.25 yre2750f46–5430–71
Measles vaccineA0.5–5.25 yre2780f74–8637–107
Mumps virus
    Noncases, unvaccinatedBDistantd296258–6646–86
        Unvaccinated3–14 days46026–9442–91
        1 dose
            PVFgUnknown onset date117
            SVFh2–4 days35218–8640–67
        2 doses
            SVF1–25 days85747–6737–75
Unknown status
    Low avidityUnknown onset date32410–3718–29
    High avidity1–14 days85649–6338–65
  • a n is the number of samples.

  • b CI, confidence interval.

  • c Samples analyzed to estimate the area under the curve.

  • d Means are significantly different (P <0.0001).

  • e Samples analyzed to observe mumps IgG avidity maturation.

  • f Means are significantly different (P =0.0035).

  • g PVF, primary vaccine failure, or failure to respond to the vaccine.

  • h SVF, secondary vaccine failure, or failure of vaccine resulting from waning immunity.