Summarized statistics for transcriptome assembly of Candida auris, alignment rate of raw reads to transcriptome, and summary of Trinotate functional annotation

No. of reads
    After trimming411,626,529
Total no. of assembled bases11,593,681
GC content, %45.35
Total no. by Trinity
Contig (bp)
No. of reads aligned (%)
    1 time393,124,946 (95.51)
    >1 time9,368,727 (2.28)
    Overall402,493,673 (97.78)
Functional annotation, no. of transcripts
    Swiss-Prot matches, BLASTx3,200
    Swiss-Prot unique proteins, BLASTx3,176
    Swiss-Prot matches, BLASTp3,041
    Swiss-Prot unique proteins, BLASTp3,019
    Gene Ontology3,085