Association between HIVBa-L infectivity and HIVRHPA infectivity (in milliliters) in neutralized CVF relative to native CVF from GLMMa

Virus and CVF categoryb (SE)b95% CIcP valued
    Neutralized2.59 (0.79)1.04, 4.140.001
    Neutralized6.80 (0.76)5.31, 8.28<0.001
  • a Data represent generalized linear mixed modeling (GLMM) results generalized through specification of a Poisson distribution and log-link function from n = 44 data points for HIVBa-L and n = 8 data points for HIVRHPA. GLMM was used to apply a random intercept (gamma distribution assumed) for data from each study participant given the repeated HIV-1 infectivity measurement per participant. The (natural) coefficient is the log incidence rate ratio—an exponentiated coefficient yields the percentage of change for a unit (percent) increase for a given factor. The effect represents the difference in log incidence values between study participants’ native and neutralized CVF samples with each participant’s native CVF sample treated as the reference (Ref).

  • b Data represent log incidence rate ratio (b) values and associated standard errors (SE). Bootstrapped standard errors (n = 1,000 replications) were estimated to provide correct inferences in the presence of overdispersion in infectivity in generalized linear modeling.

  • c 95% CI, 95% confidence interval.

  • d P value, probability value. Statistical significance was determined at a P value of <0.01.