Selected results from simple logistic regression of predictors versus infection with ribotype 027a

VariableOR (95% CI)P
Age (yrs)1.03 (1.02–1.05)<0.001
Charlson-Deyo score, unweighted1.26 (1.14–1.39)<0.001
HA-CDI0.52 (0.35–0.76)0.001
Solid-organ tumor2.03 (1.31–3.14)0.002
Prior myocardial infarction2.08 (1.28–3.38)0.003
Congestive heart failure2.01 (1.26–3.21)0.004
Diabetes mellitus1.63 (1.1–2.41)0.016
Chronic kidney disease1.7 (1.15–2.52)0.008
Concurrent antibiotic use1.75 (1.14–2.67)0.010
PPI use1.52 (0.997–2.31)0.052
Mechanical ventilation0.54 (0.28–1.01)0.055
Serum albumin (g/dl)0.52 (0.38–0.71)<0.001
Serum WBC >15,000 cells/mm32.05 (1.4–2.98)<0.001
Detectable stool toxin(s) A/B by EIA3.29 (2.25–4.81)<0.001
30-day ICU admission2.07 (1.28–3.34)0.003
  • a CI, confidence interval; EIA, enzyme immunoassay; HA, hospital associated; ICU, intensive care unit; OR, odds ratio; PPI, proton pump inhibitor; WBC, white blood cell count.