Sample characteristicsa

Family and speciesb
(total no. by family)
No. of samplesSampling yr (site[s])
By site:Total by
Aotidae (4)
    Aotus nigriceps00000000442017 (i)
Atelidae (24)
    Alouatta caraya00000010672016 (g)/2017 (i)
    Alouatta belzebul11010000362013 (d)/2014 (a, b)/2017 (i)
    Alouatta seniculus00000000442017 (i)
    Ateles marginatus00003000032013 (e)
    Lagothrix cana00000000222017 (i)
    Lagothrix sp.00002000022013 (e)
Callitrichidae (34)
    Callithrix geoffroyi00000000112017 (i)
    Callithrix jacchus00009000092013 (e)/2014 (e)/2016 (e)
    Callithrix kuhlii00000022042012 (h)/2016 (g)
    Callithrix penicillata000060113112012 (h)/2013 (e)/2016 (e, g)/2017 (i)
    Callithrix sp.00000010012016 (g)
    Leontopithecus chrysomelas00001000232013 (e)/2017 (i)
    Leontopithecus rosalia00000000112017 (i)
    Mico chrysoleucus00000000112017 (i)
    Saguinus imperator00000000112017 (i)
    Saguinus niger00000000222017 (i)
Cebidae (142)
    Cebus albifrons00000000112017 (i)
    Saimiri boliviensis00000000112017 (i)
    Sapajus flavius0021070100292012 (c, g)/2013 (e)/2014 (c)
    Sapajus libidinosus00001012262012 (h)/2016 (e, g)/2017 (i)
    Sapajus nigritus00000011022012 (h)/2016 (g)
    Sapajus robustus00001020032016 (e, g)
    Sapajus sp.010041102100732012 (a, e, f, g)/2013 (e)/2016 (e, g)
    Sapajus xanthosternos00001101600272012 (g)/2016 (e, g)
Pitheciidae (3)
    Callicebus cupreus00000000112017 (i)
    Chiropotes sagulatus00000000112017 (i)
    Chiropotes satanas00000000112017 (i)
  • a Sampling sites are designated by letters as defined in the legend to Fig. 1.

  • b sp., species in cases where morphological typing could not resolve species designation due to frequent hybridization events between different Latin American NHP species (53, 54).