List of microbial strains and cell lines used in this study

Species by categoryStrainResistancea
Spectrum of activity screens
    Gram positive
        Bacillus subtilis168 1A1 (BGSC)
        Enterococcus faeciumCom15
        Enterococcus faecalisBrady lab strainV
        Staphylococcus aureusUSA300M
        Streptococcus sobrinusW1703 (BEI)
        Lactobacillus rhamnosusLMS2-1 (BEI)
    Gram negative
        Acinetobacter baumanniATCC 17978
        Enterobacter cloacaeATCC 14037
        Escherichia coliDH5α
        Klebsiella pneumoniaeATCC 10031
        Pseudomonas aeruginosaPAO1
        Salmonella entericaSubsp. enterica
Cytotoxicity assessment
    Candida albicansBrady lab strain
    Homo sapiensHT-29 (BEI)
Clinical isolates used in this studyb
    Acinetobacter baumannii1788C, E, T
1790C, E, T
1791C, E, T
1795C, E, T
1797C, E, T
S3C, E
S5C, E
  • a Resistance abbreviations: C, cephalexin; E, ertapenem; M, methicillin; T, tetracycline; V, vancomycin.

  • b The clinical isolates used in this study are described in more detail in references 19, 20, and 22. Strains 1788 to 1797 and S3 and S5 are independent drug-resistant isolates: strains 1788 to 1797 are from the Hospital for Special Surgery (New York, NY), and strains S3 and S5 are from the clinical laboratory of Ohio State University Hospital (Columbus, OH).