Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidDescription or relevant phenotype or characteristicReference or sourcea
L. monocytogenes
    AL4EWild-type strain; serotype 1/2c11
    AT3EWild-type strain; serotype 1/2c11
    AT3EpcAT3E strain; plasmid-cured strainThis study
    10403SWild-type strain; serotype 1/2a; streptomycin resistant27
    10403SpclpL10403S with tRNAArg::pclpLThis study
    10403SpPL210403S with tRNAArg::pPL2This study
E. coli
    NEB5αChemically competent strainNew England Biolabs
    HB101Conjugation donor containing helper plasmid pRK24CRBIP
    pLM58Plasmid in the AT3E strainThis study
    pclpLpPL2 containing 423 bp of upstream nucleotides and coding sequence
of ATP-dependent protease clpL
This study
    pPL2Site-specific integration vector61
  • a CRBIP, Biological Resource Centre of the Institut Pasteur.