Influenza A virus strains used in this study

HA subtypeHostIAV subtypeStrainPassage historyaSegment 4 (HA)
GenBank accession no.
H1Human 1bH1N1A/Puerto Rico/8/1934P2 MDCK LC120391
Human 2bH1N1A/Netherlands/2629/2009P1 ECE CY065784
AvianH1N1A/mallard/Interior Alaska/12ML00957/2012P1 ECE KY750593
H3AvianH3N8A/mallard/Interior Alaska/10BM11415R0/2010P3 MDCK CY143893
SealH3N8A/harbor seal/New Hampshire/179629/2011P2 MDCK KJ467564
HumanH3N2A/Brisbane/10/2007P1 MDCK KM978061
H5AvianH5N2A/mallard/Interior Alaska/12ML01123/2012P1 ECE KY750601
H4AvianH4N6A/mallard/Interior Alaska/12ML00831/2012P1 ECE KY750585
H12AvianH12N5A/mallard/Interior Alaska/12ML00678/2012P1 ECE KY750577
  • a P2, passage 2; MDCK, Madin-Darby canine kidney cells; ECE, embryonated chicken eggs.

  • b 1 and 2 are used here to differentiate the two human H1 viruses in this experiment.