Rgg homology and presence of putative pheromone SHP in other S. pneumoniae strains

StrainNCBI accession no.Identity to Rgg0939 (%)argg accession no.bshp?SequenceDownstream of peptidec
R6 (D39 derivative) NC_003098.1 Yes (100) spr0960 YesMKKISKFLPILFLVMDIIIIVGGPotential 12-gene operon identical to D39; 1st gene (spr0961 ) encodes UDP-N-acetyl-d-mannosaminuronic
acid dehydrogenase, 9th (spr0969 ) encodes nikkomycin biosynthesis protein
JJA NC_012466.1 Yes (97) SPJ_0996 YesMKKISKFLPILVLVMDIIIIPotential 3-gene operon followed by 2nd 3-gene operon; 2nd gene of 1st sequence (SPJ_0998 ) is annotated as lantibiotic mersacidin transporter system, 1st gene of 2nd operon (SPG_1000 ) is annotated as bacitracin transport ATP-binding protein (BcrA)
A45d NC_018594.1 Yes (96) SPNA45_01354 YesMKKISKFLPILVLVMDIIIIPotential 3-gene operon followed by 2-gene operon; 1st gene (SPNA45_01355 ) encodes lanthionine biosynthesis protein (LanM), 2nd (SPNA45_01356 ) encodes toxin secretion ABC transporter, 1st gene of 2nd operon (SPNA45_01358 ) encodes BcrA
Yes (86) SPNA45_00934 YesMEKISKFLPILVLVMDIIIIVGGPotential 4-gene operon; 1st (SPNA45_00935 ) encodes pyridoxal-dependent decarboxylase, 3rd (SPNA45_00937 ) encodes long-chain fatty acid CoA ligase, 4th (SPNA45_00938 ) encodes macrolide efflux ABC transporter permease
A66d NZ_LN847353.1 Yes (96) A66_00963 YesMKKISKFLPILVLVMDIIIIPotential 3-gene operon followed by 2-gene operon very similar in organization to SPNA45_01354
Yes (87) A66_01135 YesMKKISKFLPILVLVMDIIIIVGGPotential 4-gene operon; 1st gene downstream (A66_01134 ) encodes siderophore biosynthesis decarboxylase, 2nd encodes nonribosomal peptide synthetase, 4th encodes membrane-spanning ABC transporter
NT_110_58 NZ_CP007593.1 Yes (95) SpnNT_00981 YesMKKISKFLPILVLVMDIIIIPotential 7-gene operon; 1st gene (SpnNT_00982 ) encodes LanM, 2nd encodes lactococcin G-processing and transport ATP-binding protein (LagD), 3rd (SpnNT_00984 ) encodes alpha-hemolysin translocation ATP-binding protein (HlyB)
ATCC 700669 NC_011900.1 Yes (94) SPN23F09790 YesMKKISKFLPILVLVMDIIIIPotential 2-gene operon followed by 3-gene operon; 1st gene (SPN23F_09810 ) encodes lantibiotic export protein, 3rd (SPN23F_09830 ) encodes lantibiotic transport ATP-binding protein
P1031 NC_012467.1 Yes (91) SPP_1060 YesMKKISKFFPILMLVMDIIIIVGGPotential 7-gene operon; 1st gene (SPP_1062 ) encodes NAD-binding domain of 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase family, 6th (SPP_1067 ) encodes UDP-glucose 4-epimerase (GalE1), 7th (SPP_1068 ) encodes biotin carboxylase
NCTC7465 NZ_LN831051.1 Yes (91) ERS445053_01678 YesMKKISKFFPILMLVMDIIIIVGGPotential 7-gene operon very similar to SPP_1060
gamPNI0373 NC_018630.1 Yes (91) HMPREF1038_01125 YesMKKISKFFPILMLVMDIIIIVGGPotential 7-gene operon very similar to SPP_1060
AP200 NC_014494.1 Yes (89) SPAP_1144 YesMKKISKFFPILMLVMDIIIIVGGPotential 2-gene operon with unknown function; immediately downstream there are 3 other operons composed of 4, 2, and 3 genes, respectively
G54d NC_011072.1 Yes (88) SPG_0976 YesMKKISKFFPILMLVMDIIIIVGGPotential 2-gene operon followed by 7-gene operon; last 2 genes (SPG_0984 , SPG_0985 ) are ABC transporter permeases; SPG_0982 encodes UDP-glucose 4-epimerase
Yes (34) SPG_1268 YesMKKYYQIFLLLFDIIIIGLYQPotential 4-gene operon with unknown function
670–6 B NC_014498.1 Yes (36) SP670_1149 YesMKKYYQIFLLLFDIIIIGLYQPotential 4 operons composed of 2, 1, 2, and 2 genes, respectively; all encode hypothetical proteins except 2nd gene (SP670_1147 ), which encodes PcfD (bacteriocin ABC-type transporter)
INV200 NC_017593.1 No
CGSP14 NC_010582.1 No
TIGR4 NC_003028.3 No
70585 NC_012468.1 No
Taiwan19F-14 NC_012469.1 No
Hungary19A-6 NC_010380.1 No
TCH8431/19A NC_014251.1 No
OXC141 NC_017592.1 No
INV104 NC_017591.1 No
SPN034156 NC_021006.1 No
SPN034183 NC_021028.1 No
SPN994038 NC_021026.1 No
SPN994039 NC_021005.1 No
SPN032672 NC_021003.1 No
SPN033038 NC_021004.1 No
ST556 NC_017769.2 No
SP49 NZ_CP018136.1 No
SP61 NZ_CP018137.1 No
SP64 NZ_CP018138.1 No
SWU02 NZ_CP018347.1 No
  • a Hits with >30% identity with Rgg0939 in an NCBI tBLASTn search were considered.

  • b NCBI accession numbers for protein coding genes.

  • c Operon prediction was conducted with DOOR (35).

  • d Strains G54, A66, and SPNA45 have two proteins similar to Rgg0939.