Genes differentially expressed (P < 0.05) >2-fold compared to control samples upon sSHP addition

GeneaAccession no.bExpressionFold changecP valueProductd
Without sSHPcWith sSHPc
SPD_0940ABJ53975.11.25193.41154.926.31E-15UDP-N-acetyl-d-mannosaminuronic acid dehydrogenase
putative; MnaBe
SPD_0946ABJ54005.14.70126.3726.901.05E-2Hypothetical protein
SPD_0942ABJ53781.15.09111.1521.833.20E-05Xylose isomerase putative
SPD_0943ABJ55334.17.77153.5719.762.66E-04Hypothetical protein
SPD_0948ABJ55285.17.49143.2319.125.06E-7Carboxylate-amine ligase
SPD_0945ABJ54827.18.36129.1515.458.34E-06AMP-binding enzyme putative
SPD_0941ABJ54854.16.7298.4214.651.09E-8GlcNAc-PI de-N-acetylase; UDP-4-galactose-epimerasee
SPD_0947ABJ54194.111.04126.1211.424.87E-03Membrane protein, putative
SPD_0950ABJ53827.117.18188.7010.985.05E-13Transporter major facilitator family protein
SPD_0949ABJ54337.112.78100.067.837.31E-07Bacterial transferase hexapeptide (three repeats), putative
  • a NCBI protein coding gene.

  • b GenBank.

  • c mRNA log2 reads. The third and fourth columns show the mRNA expression values (log2 reads) in control samples without the pheromone and in samples treated with the synthetic pheromone. Each value is the average of data from two sequencing runs derived from two independent biological experiments. Fold changes in the fifth column are the differences between control and treated samples.

  • d NCBI protein annotation.

  • e Protein designation.