Summary of the samples used for all experiments conducted in this studya

Expt and sampleExperimentation under oxic
Experimentation under anoxic
Aerobic methanotroph cultures
    M. trichosporium××
    M. sedimenti××
Seep sediments
Seep carbonates
Seep sediment at pressure
  • a Cells with exes indicate that the experiment took place (with all relevant permutations and controls, as described in the text); blank cells indicate experiments that were not conducted. CH3D refers to the methanotrophic rate in experiments using the novel monodeuterated-methane technique, while 14CH4 refers to the radiolabel-based experiments. The three-part codes for samples derived from environmental material refer to active (A) or low-activity (L) sediments (Sed) or carbonates (Carb), along with a sample-specific four-digit serial number.