Amino acid substitution observed in the consensus VP1 sequence among phylogenetic clusters

Strain or clusterNo. of sequencesAmino acid substitution at codon:
Reemerging GII.P16-GII.2 (2016)27AVVI (1 V)aS (1G)aGANE
P2-P16 mix clusterb (2005–2015) (without reemerging strains)9AVVI (2 V)aSGANE
P16 clusterb (2008–2014)38SVVVT (1 I, 2 A)aAAND (2 E)a
P2 clusterb (2007–2010)29AI (4 V)aI (1 V)aISGASE
P2 clusterb (2004–2006)18AVVVSGS (1P)aNE
  • a Data in parentheses represent minor variants within the cluster.

  • b Phylogenetic clustering as shown in Fig. 1, assigned based on the phylogenetic clustering of the VP1-encoding sequence and the associated polymerase genotype.