Approaches and rescue efficiencies of reverse genetics systems for paramyxoviruses and other selected nonsegmented negative-sense RNA virusesa

Family, genus, and/or virusNontemplated Gs in T7 promoterT7 delivery methodRescue cell typeRescue efficiency (no. of events/105 cells)Reference
        SeV3GvTF7-3BHK or HeLaNR2
        SeVNo GT7-vaccinia virus (vTF7-3)LLCMK2133
        SeV3G-Hh-RbzT7optBSR-T7/5~4,260This study
        HPIV-12GT7-vaccinia virus (MVA-T7)HEp-2NR34
        BPIV32GT7-vaccinia virus (MVA-T7)HEp-2NR35
        HPIV-32GT7-vaccinia virus (vTF7-3)HeLaNR36
        HPIV-3No G and 2GT7-vaccinia virus (MVA-T7)HEp-2NR37
        HPIV-33G-Hh-RbzT7optBSR-T7/5~600This study
        RPVNo G and 2GT7-vaccinia virus (MVA-T7)2930.138
        CDVNo GT7-vaccinia virus (MVA-T7)HeLa0.1–0.239
        MeVNo G293 cells stably expressing T7 and MeV-N/P/L293-3-460.1–0.61
        MeV3G-Hh-RbzT7optBSR-T7/5~300This study
        HPIV-23GT7-vaccinia virus (MVA-T7)Vero0.540
        SV53GT7-vaccinia virus (MVA-T7)A549>0.01 (estimated)4
        MuVNo GT7-vaccinia virus (MVA-T7)A5490.03–0.241
        MuV3G-Hh-RbzT7optBSR-T7/5~1,000This study
        NDV2GT7-fowlpox virus (FPV-T7)CEF or QM50.5–542
        NDV3G-Hh-Rbz, CMV-Hh-RbzBSR-T7/5, RNA Pol IICEF, BHK-21, BSR-T7/5NR43
        NDV3G-Hh-RbzT7optBSR-T7~440This study
        HeVNo GpCAGGS T7 plasmid (wild-type T7 from BSR-T7/5 cells)293TNR20
        NiVNo GT7-vaccinia virus (MVAGKT7)CV-1NR6
        NiV3G-Hh-RbzT7optBSR-T7/5~10This study
        BRSV3GBSR-T7/5 (creator of this line)BSR-T7/5~19
        HRSV3GT7-vaccinia virus (MVA-T7)Hep-20.7–6.33
        HRSV3GT7-vaccinia virus (MVA-T7)HEp-20.7–6.744
        RV3GT7-vaccinia virus (vTF7-3)BHK-21 (clone BSR)0.0145
        VSV3GT7-vaccinia virus (vTF7-3)BHK-210.001–0.0246
        VSV2GT7-vaccinia virus (vTF7-3)BHK stably expressing VSV-NPNR47
        EBOV1G and 2GBSR-T7/5BSR-T7/5~348
  • a Reported or calculated measurements of rescue efficiencies, using the indicated approach to virus rescue. Data reported in boldface were obtained in this study. NR, not reported; passaging the virus was required for detection of infectious virus and rescue efficiency could not be calculated. Abbreviations (those not defined in text): RPV, Rinderpest virus; CDV, canine distemper virus; SV5, Simian virus 5; bRSV, bovine respiratory syncytial virus; hRSV, human respiratory syncytial virus; RV, rabies virus; VSV, vesicular stomatitis virus; EBOV, Ebola virus; CMV, cytomegalovirus; RNA Pol II, polymerase II.