Comparison of four assemblers

Assembly size (for contigs >10 kb)11,869,6996,818,2005,264,822471,387
REAPR error typesa
    FCD error (type 1)0.014900.010450.010830.00470
    FCD error over a gap (type 2)0.000000.000000.000000.00000
    Low-coverage error (type 3)8.465598.715628.785966.41814
    Low-coverage error over a gap (type 4)0.004140.006620.000000.00000
    Total no. of errors8.484638.732688.796786.42284
  • a Error values are presented as the number of times the error occurs per 1 kb for contigs longer than 1 kb. Type 1 and 3 errors were associated with short insertion/deletions. Type 2 and 4 errors were associated with scaffolding errors (e.g., chimeric assemblies). FCD, fragment coverage distribution.