Categories of developmental ApiAP2 mRNA expression

Specific developmental expressionToxoplasma ApiAP2 names
Only expressed in intermediate cycle stagesa (at least 1 intermediate stage)AP2V-1, AP2VIIa-2, AP2VIIa-5, AP2VIIb-3,a AP2VIII-4, AP2IX-4,a AP2IX-9, AP2XI-2,a AP2XI-4,a AP2XII-8
Subset upregulated in early bradyzoites following stress induction of tachyzoitesAP2Ib-1,d AP2IV-3,d AP2VI-3, AP2VIIa-1, AP2VIII-4, AP2IX-9d
Subset downregulated in mature in vivo bradyzoitesAP2Ib-1,e AP2IV-3,e AP2IV-4, AP2IV-5, AP2V-1, AP2VI-3,e AP2VIIa-5, AP2VIIa-6, AP2VIII-5, AP2IX-9,e AP2XII-6
Only expressed in intermediate cycle stages plus oocyst environmental stagesAP2III-2, AP2IV-5, AP2VIIa-1, AP2VIIa-2, AP2VIIa-3, AP2VIIa-6, AP2VIIa-8, AP2VIII-3, AP2X-5, AP2X-7
Only expressed in intermediate cycle stages plus feline cycle stagesAP2Ib-1,e AP2VI-3,e AP2VIIa-4, AP2VIIa-9, AP2VIII-5, AP2VIII-6, AP2VIII-7, AP2IX-6, AP2IX-8, AP2X-4, AP2X-9, AP2XII-6
Only expressed in feline cycle stagesbAP2III-4, AP2IX-6
Only expressed in oocyst environmental stagescAP2III-3, AP2VI-2, AP2VIIa-7, AP2X-2, AP2XII-3,
Only expressed in feline cycle stages and oocyst environmental stagesAP2IV-1, AP2IX-1, AP2X-10
  • a Intermediate life cycle stages are tachyzoites and early-through-mature bradyzoites. ApiAP2 proteins expressed in all intermediate stages are listed.

  • b Days 3, 5, and 7 postinfection of the cat host; see ToxoDB.

  • c Unsporulated oocysts (zygote) to fully sporulated oocysts containing sporozoites.

  • d Confirmed at the protein level (see Table S1).

  • e Also specific for early bradyzoites.