Isolates and plasmids analyzed in this study

StrainfimH alleleMoleculeSize (bp)Accession no.Reference
SaT040 H22Chromosome5,061,821 CP014495 This study
pSaT040114,223 CP014496 This study
JJ1897 H22Chromosome5,174,541 CP013837 This study
pJJ1897_1140,502 CP013836 This study
G749 H22Chromosome4,897,758 CP014488 This study
pG749_1149,732 CP014489 This study
pG749_2109,910 CP014490 This study
pG749_362,572 CP014491 This study
CD306 H30SChromosome5,073,822 CP013831 This study
pCD306145,221 CP013832 This study
G199 H30SChromosomeNAa LSUP00000000 This study
pG199_1114,233 LSUP00000000 This study
G150 H30R1ChromosomeNA LQHK00000000 This study
pG150137,382 LQHK00000000 This study
JJ2434 H30RxChromosome5,128,614 CP013835 This study
pJJ2434_1126,302 CP013833 This study
pJJ2434_262,183 CP013834 This study
ZH063 H35Chromosome5,033,359 CP014522 This study
pZH063_1114,223 CP014523 This study
pZH063_249,467 CP014524 This study
MVAST0167 H41Chromosome4,806,946 CP014492 This study
pMVAST0167_1128,305 CP014493 This study
pMVAST0167_278,992 CP014494 This study
MNCRE44 H30R1pMNCRE44_6122,966 CP010882 12
JJ1886 H30RxpJJ1886-5110,040 CP006789 13
JJ1887 H30RxpJJ1887-4107,507 CP014321 20
uk_P46212 H30Rxuk_P46212143,748 CP013657 6
L46 H30RxpEC_L46144,871 GU371929 14
A H30RxpEK499117,536 EU935739 15
EC958 H30RxpEC958135,602 HG941719 16
UTI89NDbpUTI89114,230 CP000244 17
Uncultured DNAcNDpRSB225164,550 JX127248 18
UMN026NDp1ESCUM122,301 CU928148 19
  • a NA, draft sequence where chromosome is in multiple contigs.

  • b ND, not determined.

  • c The plasmid was not isolated; it was transformed from wastewater sludge plasmid DNA into E. coli.