Characteristics of strains tested in the infective endocarditis and sepsis model

USA typeStrains tested in IE and sepsisMethicillin statusaOriginbAmt(s) of superantigen(s) producedcRabbit hemolysis levelsd
IA209MRSAOther sterile siteNAHigh
USA200MN8MSSAVaginal/mTSSTSST-1 (20–50 µg/ml)Low
MNPEMSSAPost-influenza pneumonia/lethal TSSTSST-1 (1–15 µg/ml), SEC (60–100 µg/ml)High
CDC587MSSAVaginal/mTSSTSST-1 (5 µg/ml)Low
USA300LACMRSASkin infectionSEl-X (180 ng/ml)High
PSLVeMSSANecrotizing lethal pneumoniaSEl-X (180 ng/ml)High
USA400MW2MRSANecrotizing pneumonia/lethal TSSSEC (80–120 µg/ml), SEl-X (70–120 ng/ml)Low
C99-529MRSANecrotizing pneumonia/lethal TSSSEB (50 µg/ml)NA
USA600IA1471MRSAInfected tissueSEC (30 µg/ml)Medium
  • a MSSA, methicillin-susceptible S. aureus.

  • b mTSS, menstrual toxic shock syndrome.

  • c NA, not applicable.

  • d Comparison across all strains tested.

  • e Same as MN(Minnesota)Levy.