State-specific nonsynonymous variants in California and Vermont epidemic B. pertussis genomesa

Nonsynonymous variant in stateFunctional categoryLocation in E476
(Tohama I)
within gene
acid change
No. of
    Transposase for IS1663Replication, recombination,
and repair
116940947 T→A316 Leu→Gln13
    Transposase for IS1663Replication, recombination,
and repair
527395805 T→C269 Tyr→His12
    Transposase for IS1663Replication, recombination,
and repair
1080959947 T→A316 Leu→Gln9
    Transposase for IS1663Replication, recombination,
and repair
1090325947 T→A316 Leu→Gln10
    Transposase for IS1663Replication, recombination,
and repair
1447860947 T→A316 Leu→Gln12
    TransposaseReplication, recombination,
and repair
3457234947 A→T316 Gln→Leu12
    Regulator (hypothetical protein)Signal transduction mechanisms361434111 G→A4 Gly→Glu12
    Zinc transporter ZupTInorganic ion transport
and metabolism
198405194 T→C65 Val→Ala20
    FAD/FMN-containing dehydrogenaseEnergy production
and conversion
21676119 T→C7 Ser→Pro20
    RNase ETranslation, ribosomal structure,
and biogenesis
4891522480 C→T827 Pro→Leu20
    Endoribonuclease l-PSP
 (RutC family protein)
Function unknown528567186 C→G62 Asp→Glu20
    Diacylglycerol kinaseLipid transport and metabolism86838997 G→A33 Asp→Asn19
Posttranslational modification,
protein turnover, chaperones
13332082519 G→A840 Gly→Asp20
    Aldo-ketoreductaseFunction unknown1388597625 G→C209 Ala→Pro19
    Multidrug efflux pump subunit AcrBInorganic ion transport
and metabolism
22085913221 A→G1074 Asn→Ser19
    AcyltransferaseFunction unknown227146024 G→C8 Gln→His17
    Hypothetical proteinFunction unknown2276856158 T→C53 Val→Ala20
    TransposaseReplication, recombination,
and repair
2405180899 C→G300 Thr→Ser19
 ATPase subunit C
Inorganic ion transport
and metabolism
2640489245 T→C82 Ile→Thr19
    5-Hydroxyvalerate dehydrogenase
Energy production
and conversion
30115131016 C→T339 Ala→Val20
    NADPH dehydrogenaseEnergy production
and conversion
307291655 A→G19 Lys→Glu20
    ADP-dependent (S)-NAD(P)H-
 hydrate dehydratase
Carbohydrate transport and
3538308166 G→A56 Gly→Arg11
    Putative oligopeptide
Function unknown1189451-11894521765_GC_1766589 Gly fs19
    ATP-cobalamin adenosyltransferaseCoenzyme transport and
3304784-3304785545_CCGG_546183 Ala fs17
    Hypothetical proteinFunction unknown3490857-34908581130_CTA_1131377 Glu delins Asp*20
  • a Abbreviations: fs, frameshift; delins, deletion/insertion; FAD, flavin adenine dinucleotide; FMN, flavin mononucleotide; PSP, perchloric acid-soluble protein; *, produces premature stop codon.