Unique SNPs in virulence-related genesa of B. pertussis epidemic isolates compared to E476 (Tohama I)

GeneIsolate(s)SNP locationRegion characteristicAmino acid changeProtein expressed? (49)Reference(s)
bapC H374655 A→GString of 2 G’s219 Asp→GlyUnknownThis study
bfrD H5641634 G→AGC-rich region545 Ser→AsnUnknownThis study
bipA H5631070 G→TGC-rich region357 Arg→LeuUnknownThis study
brkA I646640 C→TGC-rich region214 Pro→SerUnknownThis study
bscC H3751677 G→AString of 2 A’sNAbYesThis study; 49
bvgR C39336 C→TString of 3 T’sNAUnknownThis study; 23
bvgS All epidemic isolates, C3932113 A→GGC-rich region705 Lys→GluYes 47, 49, 50, 51, 52
fimD All epidemic isolates, C393356 T→CGC-rich region119 Phe→SerYes 47, 49, 50, 53, 54
ptxB All epidemic isolates133 G→AGC-rich region45 Gly→SerYes 47, 49, 50, 55
ptxC All epidemic isolates
except H375
681 C→TString of 2 T’sNAYes 47, 49, 56
  • a Does not include previously identified SNPs associating with MLST typing loci.

  • b NA, not applicable.