C. jejuni FlaC orthologues in Campylobacter spp. and other Campylobacteralesa

Species and strain name
(for genomic information)
Species host(s)/niche(s)% amino acid identity
to C. jejuni FlaC
C. coli RM2228Cattle, chicken/intestinal tract95
Campylobacter upsaliensis JV21Cat, dog/intestinal tract84
Campylobacter lari RM2100Cattle, chicken, wild birds/intestinal tract68
Campylobacter showae CSUSNWCDDog, human/intestinal tract50
Campylobacter rectus RM3267Dog/intestinal tract49
C. fetus subsp. fetus 82.40Diverse/intestinal tract, urogenital tract49
Campylobacter curvus 525.92Dog/intestinal tract48
H. pullorum MIT 98-5489Chicken, human/intestinal tract47
H. canadensis MIT 98-5491Wild birds, human/intestinal tract45
H. winghamensis ATCC BAA 430Human/intestinal tract44
W. succinogenes DSM 1740Cattle/intestinal tract43
C. concisus 13826Cat, dog, human/intestinal tract39
  • a None of the species had flagellar sheaths.