Proteins downregulated due to TbTim50 knockdowna

Gene IDbDescriptionb,cAvg KD/WT
P valueeLocation(s)b,c
Tb927.9.4500Heat shock protein-like0.50.03
Tb927.9.7470Nucleoside transporter0.50.03
Tb927.7.6890Flagellar component0.440.02Flagella
Tb927.3.2310Dynein heavy chain0.440.22Flagella
Tb927.7.4770Glycine dehydrogenase0.420.03Mito
Tb927.7.1910Microtubule associated0.420.04Cyto
Tb927.9.2520DEAD box helicase0.420.009Cyto
Tb927.11.205060S ribosomal protein0.410.02Cyto
Tb927.8.133060S ribosomal protein L70.410.03Cyto
Tb927.9.11770Adenylate cyclase0.40.04Mem
Tb927.8.6960Fumarate hydratase0.40.04Mito
Tb927.3.4500NADH dehydrogenase0.40.015Mito
Tb927.7.6360Glucose regulatory protein 780.370.009Cyto
Tb927.11.5440Malic enzyme0.30.02Mito
Tb927.9.11000Small GTPase0.290.03Cyto
Tb927.11.630040S RP S50.290.02Cyto
Tb927.11.1182040S RP S170.250.03Cyto
Tb927.11.1900T complex0.250.05Cyto
Tb927.10.2650Elongation factor0.220.003Cyto
  • a Equal amounts of proteins of the crude mitochondrial lysates from parental control and TbTim50 knockdown T. brucei cells were digested with trypsin and analyzed by nano-LC-MS/MS analysis. Mass spectra were searched against the NCBI database, and statistical analysis was performed from 2 biological replicates as described in Materials and Methods. Proteins that were downregulated <0.6-fold in the TbTim50 knockdown sample in comparison to the parental wild-type cells are shown. A complete list of the identified proteins is included in Data Set S1 in the supplemental material. Mito, mitochondria; Cyto, cytosol; Mem, cell membrane; mEF, mitochondrial elongation factor; MIP, mitochondrial intermediate peptidase.

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  • c See

  • d Average ratio of spectral counts for peptides from wild-type (WT) cells to spectral counts for peptides from TbTim50 knockdown (KD) cells.

  • e Statistical significance was calculated from 2 biological replicates using Student’s t test.