Bacterial strains used in this study

StrainDescriptionSource or reference
B. bronchiseptica
    RB50Wild type32
    S798Wild type39
    RΔdntRB50 derivative, dnt::CmrThis study
    RΔcyaARB50 derivative, cyaA::CmrThis study
    CghSpontaneous mutant of RB50, having a single base deletion in bspRThis study
    RΔ07570RB50 derivative, BB_RS07570::CmrThis study
    RΔ14645RB50 derivative, BB_RS14645::CmrThis study
    Cgh:bspRCgh derivative complemented with bspRThis study
    RbspRFSRB50 derivative, having a single base deletion in bspR equivalent to CghThis study
    RΔbspRRB50 derivative, bspR::CmrThis study
    RΔbspR85-CRB50 derivative with the C-terminally truncated BspRThis study
    RΔbspR: pMockbspR derivative carrying pMIN136TDE-PcyaAThis study
    RΔbspR: pbspRbspR derivative carrying pMIN136TDE-PcyaA-PbspR-bspRThis study
    RΔbspR:pbspRATG1bspR derivative carrying pMIN136TDE-PcyaA-PbspR-bspRATG1This study
    RΔbspR: pbspRATG2bspR derivative carrying pMIN136TDE-PcyaA-PbspR-bspRATG2This study
    RΔptxptlRB50 derivative, ptxA-ptlH::CmrThis study
    ΔbscNS798 derivative, ΔbscN23
    ΔbspRS798 derivative, ΔbspR (in-frame deletion)23
    SΔbspRS798 derivative, bspR::CmrThis study
    S Bvg+S798 derivative producing BvgS in which Arg was replaced with His at
amino acid position 570 (Bvg+ phase-locked mutant)
This study
    S BvgS798 derivative, of which BvgS was deleted from amino acid positions
541 to 1020 (Bvg phase-locked mutant)
This study
B. pertussis
    Tohama IWild type24
    TΔbspRTohama I derivative, bspR::CmrThis study
    18323Wild type17