E. coli strains used and constructed in this study

StrainDescriptionReference or source
50579417Host strain of p50579417_3_OXA-4861, 62
MP100DA4201 E. coli K-12 MG1655Uppsala University
MP101MP100 transformed with p50579417_3_OXA-48This study
MP102MP101 subjected to CAZ and host of p50579417_3_OXA-48-CAZThis study
MP103MP101 subjected to CAZ-AVI and host of p50579417_3_OXA-48-CAZ-AVIThis study
TOP10Recipient strain for pCR-blunt II-TOPOInvitrogen
MP104E. coli TOP10 transformed with pCR-blunt II-blaOXA-48This study
MP105E. coli TOP10 transformed with pCR-blunt II-blaOXA-48-P68AThis study
MP106E. coli TOP10 transformed with pCR-blunt II-blaOXA-48-48-P68A,Y211SThis study
MP107MP100 transformed with p50579417_3_OXA-48-CAZThis study
MP108MP100 transformed with p50579417_3_OXA-48-CAZ-AVIThis study