Characteristics of complete SGI1 sequences and backbone SNP analysis

Host strainSGI1 variantISVch4 indelSNP positionaGenBank accession no.
22001 (in sgiT)24286 (in sgiA)
M. morganiiSGI1-L+CGLT630458
S. KentuckySGI1-K+CGAY463797
P. mirabilisSGI1-PmMAT+bCGJX089583
P. mirabilisSGI1-PmABB+CGKP313760
P. mirabilisSGI1-PmGUE+CGJX121641
P. mirabilisSGI1-PmVER+CGJX121640
P. mirabilisSGI1-PmSCO+CGJX121639
P. mirabilisSGI1-PmABB+CGJX121638
S. TyphimuriumSGI1AGKU499918
S. TyphimuriumSGI1AGCP014979
S. TyphimuriumSGI1AGCP014975
S. TyphimuriumSGI1AGCP014969
S. TyphimuriumSGI1AGCP014967
S. TyphimuriumSGI1AGCP012985
S. TyphimuriumSGI1AGCP014358
S. TyphimuriumSGI1AGCP007581
S. TyphimuriumSGI1AGHF937208
S. InfantisSGI1-DAGKU854986
S. DerbySGI1-IATKU563154
S. RissenSGI1-IATKM234279
P. mirabilisSGI1-B0616ATKU987432
P. mirabilisSGI1-OATKU987431
P. mirabilisSGI1-BATKU987430
P. mirabilisSGI1-ZATKP662516
P. mirabilisSGI1-XATKJ186154
P. mirabilisSGI1ATKJ186153
P. mirabilisSGI1-IATKJ186152
P. mirabilisSGI1-WATKJ186151
P. mirabilisSGI1-OATKJ186150
P. mirabilisSGI1-YATKJ186149
P. mirabilisSGI1-PmBRIATJX089582
P. mirabilisSGI1-PmCAUATJX089581
P. mirabilisSGI1-B2ATKP116299
S. TyphimuriumSGI1cAGAF261825
S. CerroSGI1-FdATKU847976
S. EmekSGI2eAGAY963803
  • a SNP positions in the ORF of the TA system sgiAT are given according to ENA accession no. LT630458.

  • b The SGI1-PmMAT variant harbored the deletion created by ISVch4 and extending from within ORF S005 to within ORF S009 but without the presence of ISVch4 (18).

  • c The original SGI1 sequence (AF261825) showed 6 other specific SNP positions.

  • d The SGI1-F variant showed 5 other specific SNP positions.

  • e The SGI2 variant harbored 93 additional SNP positions and the transpositional insertion of the complex class 1 integron structure at a position different that in from all other variants (7, 8, 11, 14).